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How To Pay?


Payment MethodWhat kind of payment methods we accept ?

We Accept payments from the following payment methods so feel free to pay via any of the following payment methods and if you want to pay money for any of our services. Our accepted payment method is Brack Bank Diposit/Transfer, Bkash, DBBL Mobile Banking, Paypal, Payza (Alertpay), Skrill (moneybookers), International Master/Visa/Amex/Discover card. So you can pay us our listed payment method. A short description provided below for you about our payment method.

(1) Direct Bank Deposit in To our Banking account:
Our Bank Account Details:
(A) Bank Name: Brac Bank Limited
Account Number: 6001202714665001
Swift Code: BRAKBDDH

(2) Pay Via Mobile Banking (Only For Bangladesh):
(A) Dutch-Bangla Mobile Banking
Account Number:
01797 456456-3

(B) bKash Mobile Banking
Account Number: 01797456456

(3) Walk-in Payment:

You are welcome to make your payment on Cash.

Name : MD. Al Amin
Bottola Bazar
Tejgaon Industrial Aria
(Dhaka Polytechnic Post Office Area)
Dhaka -1208
Mobile No : +880 1611 111061

Room No 18, 1st floor,
New Market Shoping Complex,
New Market, Sherpur-2100,
Mobile Number: +880 1797 456 456

(4) Pay Hostlcation by using PayPal:

You can pay us via your paypal account.

(5) Pay Hostclation from your credit card directly anywhere in the world.
Paypal/Credit card payment for HostClation's services is processed by, Inc. We do not record your credit card/paypal details on our database and the payment service provider does not record any other information about you.
2Checkout offers 8 payment methods:
*American Express
*PIN debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo
*Debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo

(6) Pay Hostlcation by using Payza: You can pay us via your paza account. Our payza account not automated. If you want to pay us via payza so please contact our sales department.
(7) Pay Hostlcation by using Skrill: You can pay us via your skrill account. Our skrill account not automated. If you want to pay us via Skrill so please contact our sales department.

Important Note For Local Bank/Mobile Banking Deposit :
After payment is made, Please send us email the Bank Deposit slip mentioning the Product details, Invoice Number, Payment date and time To or inform us over telephone +8801797456456 . As soon as we verify the proof of payment, we will activate your account with 60 minutes or as soon as possible.

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